History instagram

In our history class, we have been working with different characters associated with the industrial revolution. Some were inventors, others businessman, etc. Along with SOL Bernusi we created an INSTAGRAM account as if we were Ada Lovelace, an inventor born in 1815.

this is the Instagram account.

Virtual period: Finish watching the movie “Marie Antoinette”, by Sofia Coppola and answer the following questions:
1) Marie Antoinette is sometimes referred to as “The Teenage Queen”. What attitudes in the movie can show that?
She is referred to as “The Teenage Queen” because of some immature and rebellious attitudes she has. She wants to stick out in any way possible.She does things her way and does not let anyone tell her what to do or how to do it. She also does things that are clearly unexpected for the future queen to do, a reason for her immature behavior and the modern way she deals with some staff is her yang ege.
2) After her first child is born she shows many changes in her attitude and lifestyle. How? Provide examples. Why do you think that happens?
After her first child was born she lets her selfish behaviour and gets a little bit more mature. She moves out to a house and she tries to create strong bonds with his kid the first year of the child’s life.
3) Some historians have often suggested that Marie Antoinette’s behaviour helped encourage agitation in the people at the beginning of the Revolution. Can you find any instances in the movie that confirm or deny this claim?
Yes,because of her behaviour Marie was mocked and made fun of on her reign one scene the mocking, in this scene of the movie she is in a room made for herself at Versailles where she “relaxes”, plays shepherdess,drinks wine and tries lots of beautiful dresses.
4) Towards the end of the movie, we see a more mature woman. How does she show she has somehow stopped being “The Teenage Queen”?
at the end Marie was really worried about her husband so she left herself a side to sacrifice for her country and husband although she had the possibility to escape with her children. This attitude is the definition of a mature woman a teen could not have the strength to stay in the Palace. As the movie develops the character grows and changes as a consequence of different experiences she had.


Diary entry: storming of the Bastille

14 July 1789

Today I had the best afternoon of my entire life The Storming of the Bastille took place ,I can’t believe I took part in such an important event. This will start a real change in France.
The medieval fortress, armory, and political prison in Paris known as the Bastille represented royal authority in the center of Paris. The prison contained just seven inmates at the time of our storming but that didn’t matter, the Bastille it self was a symbol of abuses by the monarchy; its fall is the flashpoint of the French Revolution.
I started thinking about taking part in the storming because of the injustice made during the reign of Louis XVI, France is facing a major economic crisis, partially initiated by the cost of intervening in the American Revolution, and exacerbated by a regressive system of taxation, with made social classes differ from each other even more that they already were. I am very proud of what we have achieved and prepared for this change. I hope all those brave souls that died today can Rest In Peace and full of proudness.