I find no peace-Sir Thomas Wyatt

1.Wyatt was not only a poet, but also an ambassador in the service of Henry VIII. He first entered Henry’s service in 1515, and that same year he began studying at St John’s College of the University of Cambridge. This means he was an important man, this could made possible his marriage to Elizabeth Brooke, and his love for Anne Boleyn that started when she came back from France in 1522 and ended with Anne Boleyn’s death in 1536. This poem is all about his prohibited love for Anne do to the fact that the king was also in love with her.
2.War is now done anaphora
I fear and hope oxymoron
‘…loseth nor locketh’: Alliteration
There are 12 paradoxes
3.I found 12 paradoxes
4.The reader ends up with a feeling of gate uneasiness discomfort and sadness, everything feels incomplete unhappy and frustrating.
5.In the opening lines of the poem the author ,Wyatt writes about a war in which he currently is with himself, referred to as a consistent state of conflictive mind. He also explores the idea of love and how there are many ups and downs involved in a love relationship. His feelings are continuously conflicting regardless of his actions, and this could be exactly why he cannot escape his thoughts.No matter what he does, he will always be under the spell of deep love and will never be able to escape from it.
6.He’s trying to very subtly criticise us and our hypocritical nature, where although we wish for one thing in reality we don’t want that and again displays another conflicting idea and contradiction that many of us indeed possess. He says that regardless where he is, he will always and forever be in a constant state of unrest and forever will be unable to find any sort of peace.
7.Line 11 is interesting, Wyatt is perhaps indicating that the relationship is one dictated by the heart rather than the head; though the love feels right, the narrator cannot quiet his mind to the unsettling knowledge that his love is not a practical or logical choice. If he is prepared to put himself in danger for his love, he must not care enough about himself to prevent his own destruction. The narrator makes it clear that he understand that which gives him the most pleasure is that which causes him the most peril.
8.Because he touched upon happiness once he realises that this isn’t actually the case and there is sadness and discontentment hidden deep away inside of him. Alternatively, delight could be seen as love, and therefore ,because of this particular love for another human that has made him feel in constant disagreement or brought out a conflicting side of himself , has made him unable to function properly anymore without consistent disagreement about everything. Although love traditionally is meant to arise happiness in relationships and people, instead, he has become even discontent to the extreme that he now resents love because of it.

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Diary entry: storming of the Bastille

14 July 1789

Today I had the best afternoon of my entire life The Storming of the Bastille took place ,I can’t believe I took part in such an important event. This will start a real change in France.
The medieval fortress, armory, and political prison in Paris known as the Bastille represented royal authority in the center of Paris. The prison contained just seven inmates at the time of our storming but that didn’t matter, the Bastille it self was a symbol of abuses by the monarchy; its fall is the flashpoint of the French Revolution.
I started thinking about taking part in the storming because of the injustice made during the reign of Louis XVI, France is facing a major economic crisis, partially initiated by the cost of intervening in the American Revolution, and exacerbated by a regressive system of taxation, with made social classes differ from each other even more that they already were. I am very proud of what we have achieved and prepared for this change. I hope all those brave souls that died today can Rest In Peace and full of proudness.

The central system

1) The CND is made up of the brain, the spinal cord and special cells called neurones

2) sensory neurone, motor neurone and relay neurone.


The sensory neurone is the one in charge of passing a impulse from a sensory receptor through the spinal cord  to several  other neurones.

The relay neurone is the one in charge of relying the impulse from spinal cord passing the impulse on the brain and on to an effector.

The motor neurone is the one in charge of travelling impulses to the muscule along the axon.



This story explains the changes of life and how we have to overcome them. At the beginning Bonnie Benjamin describes her life living in Petherton Road and the difficulties she and her family had in the house, in my opinion this part of the story shows us  readers how horrible the living conditions were but she still had a good time there. On the other hand when she moved to 211 Morris House she seemed optimistic and happy but although they led a life of luxury, it turned out  to be worse than the other one. In Morris House, kids where very unfriendly to her they made it quite plain. They wished they had never moved out of that crumbling old house away from what was familiar to them.

This story shows only one point of view, the negative, but in my perspective there are advantages too. Moving out can be something uncomfortable at first, being surrounded by people you barely know but it also can be seen as something positive because you could make new friends. Leaving your comfort zone can also be very beneficial, it can turn you into a more open minded person.


El lenguaje es el arma más poderosa

El lenguaje es la forma que tenemos para comunicarnos entre nosotros y sin este sería imposible hacerlo.En la frase “El lenguaje es el arma más poderosa” el escritor se refiere a que lo que decimos tiene un gran significado en nosotros y en los demás al escucharlo.

Hay un libro que dice que las palabras son como papeles que tiramos al viento se esparcen y es difícil o mejor dicho imposible recogerlos todos otra vez cuando decimos algo malo de alguien después aunque nos arrepintamos de eso no podemos deshacer lo que dijimos.

Con cada palabra que pronunciamos podemos crear una impresión sentimiento o emoción en los demás esto le da a el lenguaje el poder que tiene.Para mi esta frase es muy real ya que hay una cadena que empieza en nuestros pensamientos q los convertimos en palabras luego las palabras se convierten en armas que pueden llegar a herir a alguien.

La definición de arma es: “Medio que utiliza una persona para conseguir un fin determinado, especialmente el que utiliza para atacar a otras personas o defenderse de ellas.” Si comparamos esta definición con la de palabra: “Capacidad de expresar el pensamiento por medio del lenguaje articulado” comparando estas definiciones vemos claramente que las palabras si son armas.

En conclusión el lenguaje como todo no es algo ni totalmente positivo ni totalmente negativo sino que ambas. Por una parte es positivo, nos permite comunicarnos y por otra parte negativo, puede lastimar.


  • En la primera clase de poli escribimos virtudes de la clase, no solo en lo académico (investigamos, sabemos debatir, pensamos, leemos) también de la convivencia entre nosotros (somos amigos, saludamos, escuchamos).